Massa: A High-Throughput Proof-of-Stake Consensus Mechanism

9 Feb 2024

About Massa

Massa is a public blockchain designed to be scalable, efficient and secure. Massa  uses a new Proof-of-Stake  consensus mechanism that greatly increases throughput by parallelizing block creation, allowing  up to 10,000 transactions per second. Massa offers the following important innovations:

  1. Autonomous Smart Contracts  : Massa's smart contracts can be programmed to execute autonomously, without the need for any external triggers or oracles.
  2. Decentralized Web  : Decentralized applications can be hosted entirely on the Massa blockchain, reducing the exposure of dApps to centralized services.
  3. Developer Friendly  : Massa's smart contracts are written in TypeScript, a popular programming language that many developers are familiar with.

The purpose of the Massa network is to establish a consensus among nodes to collect and sort blocks containing ordered lists of operations. Once executed, its ultimate purpose is to act as a relay for the global network state called the ledger.

Smart Contract

Smart contracts are a piece of code that can be run inside the Massa virtual machine, modifying the ledger and accepting incoming requests through a public interface (via smart contract transactions).

Autonomous Smart Contract Execution

A feature of Massa smart contracts compared to other blockchain smart contracts is their ability to wake up spontaneously, regardless of an external request on their interface.

Storage Costs

In Massa, each network node maintains an exact copy of the ledger. Having a huge ledger size (hundreds of terabytes) will create high barriers to entry for potential node operators. To ensure smooth operation and enable home node hosting, it is important to set a reasonable size limit and eliminate the need for excessive storage capacity.


Staying true to his values, Massa implemented a unique tokenomics model that emphasizes fairness and decentralization. This model allows the Massa token to be widely distributed among the community, reducing the risk of centralization that can lead to unfair voting practices, price manipulation, and security issues.

2024/2025 Technical Roadmap

Development does not slow down with the launch of the mainnet, quite the opposite! Besides maintenance and necessary updates to the underlying blockchain and tools, several aspects are planned for future development:

  • One of the first expected actions is the deployment of the domain smart contract previously examined on the testnet.
  •  A strong focus of the Massa blockchain is to integrate well with  other blockchains, including bridges and oracles, and the ecosystem in general. Although Hyperlane  and  Umbrella  are currently collaborating with Massa, other technologies and layers should be explored in the future, always focusing on those that favor decentralization!
  • Autonomous Smart Contracts , now known as one of the innovations brought about by Massa's L1, used for example  by Dusa  DEX for autonomous orders, will continue to develop and demonstrate new secure and efficient use cases for blockchains. For these self-waking smart contracts, new improvements and functions are already envisioned to accompany these use cases.
  • At least two issues related to the developer experience have been brought up multiple times from both inside and outside the team and deserve more attention in the long term:  EVM compatibility  and  Account Abstraction. These features will definitely add a lot of value to the ecosystem.

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