I'm the one

16 Feb 2023

You guys shouldn't feel bad; it was just time for me to leave.
You all appear to be depressed, and tears are still streaming down your faces.

My life's adventure came to an early end because of the brief road I took.
Despite your best efforts, it was ultimately up to me to fix it.

I'm sorry if I brought you any sorrow or suffering, but I was taken prisoner by these demons, and they would not let me go.

When they got their hands on me, you could hear it in my voice as they took away my independence and my ability to make my own decisions.

There were moments when I tried to fight them, and one of those occasions, I came very close to winning, but they came back and overpowered me, leaving me with nowhere to run.

I actually haven't left you guys; I'm closer than you think, I'll be the wind's whisper, and I'll be with you wherever you go.

One day, everyone will pardon me.
One day you'll comprehend.
And I'll be ready to hold your hand when your time on earth is over.

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