16 Mar 2023

Optimists anticipate positive outcomes, whereas pessimists anticipate negative outcomes. Optimistic attitudes are associated with a variety of advantages, including improved coping skills, lower stress levels, improved physical health, and greater persistence in achieving goals. If you always look on the bright side of things, you may have more positive events in your life than others, be less stressed, and even enjoy greater health benefits.

How to practice optimism

Practice Gratitude: Gratitude can be defined as an appreciation for what is important in one's life. According to one study, participants who were assigned to keep a gratitude journal demonstrated increased optimism and resilience. Set aside a few minutes each day to jot down some of the things for which you are grateful if you are trying to develop a more optimistic attitude.

Learn to be more mindful: Mindfulness is a focus on being engaged, attentive, and present in the present moment. It can be a helpful technique for focusing on what is important in the present moment and avoiding worrying about future events and things over which you have no control. When you are fully present, you are much less likely to ruminate on negative past experiences or be concerned about upcoming events. This allows you to be more grateful for what you have right now and less consumed by regrets and anxieties.

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