Life is very expensive

19 Jan 2023

In this life, the ultimate goal is to be happy, and a happy life is the real meaning of life.

If you ask too many questions that lead to unhappiness and worry all day, it's not worth to asking these questions.

Many times, you can't let go because you can't give up.

Giving up does not mean failure, but a new beginning.

For people and things that are not worth it, you should forget them and let them go, so that you can live a better life.

When people live, they must be good at adjusting their emotions and maintain a good attitude to live in order to live up to their time.

Originally, life is limited, and you cannot let others affect your life.

Sometimes, the reason why you are miserable and unhappy is that you have been immersed in the past and bad memories, so that you cannot live well.

Just think about it, try to let it go, and slowly you will find that no one can affect your mood.

In life, you may face some setbacks and difficulties, and sometimes you cannot let go, but to understand that life cannot be smooth sailing, it is normal to experience some setbacks.

The more mature and rational a person is, the better able to handle each stage of life.

Some things are unworthy of you to be sad. Don't affect your mood for unworthy people.

Only being good at forgetting is the best medicine to heal yourself.

Many things in life may not follow your wishes. You cannot control the development of things, but you can control your own mentality.

Life is actually simple, it is easy to be happy, don't be sad for things that are not worth it.

Life is always unsatisfactory. If you keep it in your heart, sooner or later, you will be on the verge of collapse.

You can only have a better tomorrow if you set your heart to zero and move forward with a smile.

Troubles have no root, take everything lightly, let it go, and be free.

In this world, there will always be people who hate us because of our shortcomings, but there will also be people who like us because of our authenticity.

The hardships and trials of life do not make you angry, but make you more calm.

There are always troubles in life. Don't give unhappiness to your lover.

So, for the rest of your life, let it go, forget it, and say goodbye to the past. Being too attached to the past is actually hurting yourself and a waste of time.

When the mood is relaxed, the world is beautiful; let go of those external things and live a good life is the last word.


People live in this world to be happy, not to be troubled all the time.

Love your family more for the rest of your life, love yourself more, and take good care of yourself. May we be positive and optimistic, and live happily every day!

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