Square Enix and Elixir Games Partner Up to Boost Web3 Gaming Adoption Among Traditional Gamers

20 Apr 2023

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On April 19th, Elixir Games announced a strategic partnership with Square Enix to focus on "generating visibility and adoption of web3 games among traditional gamers". 

Elixir Games has a web3 gaming platform, called Elixir, that offers over 100 web3 and traditional PC games. 

Elixir Games also owns the IP for two upcoming web3 PC and mobile games, called "No Way Back" and "MONSTROPOLY", which are both on the verge of their beta release.

Elixir took to Twitter to announce the partnership with Square Enix to their followers and users. 

"This partnership brings us closer to web3 gaming mass adoption. Our team is incredibly excited to bring our technology to work, and we foresee Elixir users playing web2 and web3 games alike without distinction. 2023 has already seen more industry leaders enter the space with impactful projects, and we anticipate to see more as the year progresses. We've put all efforts to ensure we are ready for scalability."
Carlos Roldan, CEO of Elixir Games


In February of this year, Elixir Games announced an agreement with Epic Games, allowing users to play their Epic games via the Elixir launcher. 

Similarly, Elixir Games has an agreement with gaming company, GOG, that also allows users to integrate their accounts into Elixir and access their games through just one launcher. 

"This partnership with Elixir Games represents yet another step for Square Enix to explore the promise of web3- decentralized gaming."
Hideaki Uehara, Director of Business Development at Square Enix


It is certainly possible that this strategic partnership is a prelude to Square Enix's push into Web3 gaming. 

The President of Square Enix confirmed in a New Year's Letter that the gaming giant has "multiple blockchain games based on original IPs under development".

Back in November of 2022, Square Enix announced they were working with Polygon to launch their first ever web3 game, SYMBIOGENESIS.

SYMBIOGENESIS will consist of 10,000 NFTs, and the story will be set on a "mysterious floating continent where unique storylines unravel based on information obtained by holding digital collectible art that represents different characters".

The Twitter account for SYMBIOGENESIS recently released a new teaser video that highlights the first images of this "mysterious floating continent".  

After the news of this partnership, I am almost certain that SYMBIOGENESIS will launch directly on Elixir, along with other platforms. 

It is possible that there will be some sort of timed exclusivity deal for SYMBIOGENESIS on the Elixir launcher, or perhaps only those playing on the Elixir launcher will be rewarded with an exclusive in-game item.

What are your thoughts on this news?

Have you played any games on Elixir yet?

Are you excited about a major video game company like Square Enix developing a full-fledged Web3 game?

Will this lead to significant improvements in blockchain gaming?

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