The Economy Is Wobbly, But Better To Think About Ufos: Distraction Strategy Or Hidden Reality?

16 Sept 2023

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A while ago I wrote an article for you with the title: "UFOs on Capitol Hill: The Debate Shaking America", I really didn't think I would touch on the topic again, but for a few days now my email and social networks have been "bombed" without mercy on that issue (blame of the algorithms, who else are we going to blame? 😀). The reality is that, in recent months, the issue of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) has gained unprecedented relevance in world public opinion. This is due, in large part, to the surprising revelations made by former officials and military personnel of the United States and other countries, which have confirmed the existence of secret programs to investigate and analyze these anomalous aerial phenomena.

These statements have been supported by the dissemination of videos and images captured by radars and cameras of military aircraft, which show objects with inexplicable shapes and movements, capable of performing maneuvers impossible for current human technology. These objects have been sighted in various parts of the world, both by civilian and military pilots, and have generated great curiosity and intrigue among experts and the general public.

However, what is behind this sudden interest in UFOs? Is this a simple coincidence or a deliberate strategy to divert attention from other more serious and urgent problems affecting the world? What is the background of this strange information opening about the UFO phenomenon?

While the media and social networks are filled with news and debates about UFOs, there is one problem that seems to be relegated to the background: the global economic crisis, a problem that has suddenly been cleverly silenced with sensational news.

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the world economy has contracted in recent years, the worst decline since the Great Depression of 1929. Furthermore, it is estimated that some 95 million people have experienced extreme poverty during this period and that some 225 million jobs were lost. The situation is especially critical in developing countries, where social inequalities, lack of access to health and education, and vulnerability to natural disasters and climate change have been exacerbated since the pandemic. These countries also face enormous financial pressure, due to falling revenues from exports, remittances and tourism, and rising external debt.

However, these alarming data do not seem to receive the same media and political attention as UFOs. Because? Some analysts suggest that there could be a hidden agenda behind this apparent lack of interest in the global economic crisis. One possible explanation is that some governments and media outlets could be using the UFO phenomenon as a smokescreen to hide their failures and corruption in handling economic disasters and their consequences.

According to this hypothesis, by promoting debate about UFOs, the aim is to distract public opinion from the real problems that affect their well-being and quality of life, and thus avoid scrutiny and social criticism. In this way, the aim is to create an illusion of transparency and openness of information, while covering up the responsibilities and irregularities committed by the authorities.

This strategy would not be new or exclusive to the UFO issue. Throughout history, various superfluous or controversial topics have been used to divert public attention from other more relevant or uncomfortable issues. For example, some governments have been accused of provoking or exaggerating war or terrorist conflicts to generate fear and popular support, or of manipulating or censoring information on issues such as climate change, human rights or corruption.

However, so as not to put myself in a completely radical or skeptical position and leave "a window open" or "reasonable doubt", another possible explanation is that the recent revelations about UFOs could be a way of preparing the public for possible contact extraterrestrial, which could take place in the near future. According to this hypothesis (I said: HYPOTHESIS, for the haters), some governments and international organizations could be aware of the existence and origin of these objects, and/or be in communication or collaboration with them. However, they would have kept this information secret for decades, fearing the social, political and religious reactions it could provoke.

It could be that now, given the evidence that is increasingly difficult to hide or deny, it has been decided to begin a gradual process of dissemination and declassification of information about UFOs, in order to accustom and educate the public about extraterrestrial reality. In this way, we would seek to avoid the panic and chaos that could be generated by a sudden and surprising announcement of official contact with beings from other worlds.

This theory also has its antecedents and defenders. For years, there have been numerous organizations and researchers that have called for greater transparency and openness on the UFO issue, and who claim to have evidence or testimonies that there is an extraterrestrial presence on Earth. Some even claim that there is a plan orchestrated by world elites to hide or delay contact with UFOs, for economic or geopolitical interests.

Whatever the truth about UFOs, the truth is that it is a topic that generates great expectation and uncertainty among the world's population. However, we must not let this interest make us forget or ignore the real and urgent problems we face as humanity, especially the global economic crisis that threatens to aggravate the living conditions of millions of people.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a critical and responsible attitude towards the information we receive and demand that our governments and media inform us with rigor and truthfulness about all the issues that affect us. Only in this way can we be prepared to face present and future challenges, whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial.

PS: Dear readers, I hope I have not overwhelmed you with this article and that it has made you think about the topic of UFOs and the global economic crisis. However, I want to apologize if I was not very impartial with the information I presented to you. I must confess that I have a certain inclination towards conspiracy theories and that there is always something beyond what governments and the official media tell us. I can only recommend that you always do your own research and reflection on any topic. Don't let yourself be fooled or manipulated by anyone, not even me. Remember that the most important thing is to keep an open mind, a critical spirit and a sense of humor.

I just hope that if one day beings from other worlds visit us, they will bring us peace, love and wisdom, at least more than what we give to each other. Ah! and if you see a UFO out there don't be scared, maybe it's just me trying to escape this madness 😀.

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