Multiverse Theory ...

4 Aug 2022


Today we are in a position to roughly assess the vastness of our universe. Our giant Earth is a simple sized planet in the Solar System, which is revolving around a star called the Sun. Despite being the lord of the solar system, the Sun is also a simple and average size and age star in the Milky Way galaxy. Like our galaxy there are millions of other galaxies in this vast universe. So our universe is a huge group of galaxies. Today's scientists even believe that the universe is not one but many. His reasoning behind this is that space (space) has no side or end, so there is a possibility of more than one universe. 
The concept of having more than one universe is often claimed to be in our Vedas as well. But this concept described in the Vedas has no mathematical basis, so it is not factual either. At the same time, the scientists who claim to have many universes at present, they must have a mathematical basis as a proof. Therefore the similarity of ancient Indian literature, especially with the Vedas, to the modern concept of having multiple universes is only superficial.
The scholars also believe that the space between these regional universes is expanding at such a fast rate that the contact of any two of these universes is not possible, even if the message is sent at the speed of light. ! Scientists say that even though the universes may be different, they will not always be like this.

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