Why Messi has so more MOTM than any other player in history.

3 Jun 2022

Undoublty , Messi is the greatest footballer of all Time with his rivalries like Ronaldo. As compared to Ronaldo , Messi has more MOTM (man of the match) and POTT (player of the tournament) awards compared to his rivals who has played more match than him.
As from the figure ,it is clear that Messi has almost more MOTM in al types of Club and country level matches. Let's breakdown it, when Messi and Ronaldo are given MOTM.

First, talking about Ronaldo, he gets MOTM mostly when he scored brace ,hatrick or match winnning goals and rarely through controlling and driving team and creating chances. 
But, if we talk about Messi , he gets MOTM awards in most of occasions by either scoring goals or by most assists and chances or by fully carrying teams players as a BOSS. He sometimes scores fanstatic freekick goals, solo goals dribbling 5-8 defenders as well as keepers, and assists the ball to teammates as no one has ever seeen those types of assists before or creates more than 4 to 6-7 chances and most duels won . So, Messi has almost gets MOTM in more than 50% of matches ,he played. Messi in most of games while at Barcelona and from his country Argentina fully drives the games as he is the creator of the teams. And his performance is almost insane as he is so good in playmaking ,scoring ,assiting, dribbling all in one which is almost impossible for others. So, he deserves MOTM awards. People call him sometimes as 'Alien' due to his all in one performance.

//only pictures are taken from social media.

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