Qualities of a happy home

1 Oct 2022

The six facets of a contented home

1. Be safe (provides safety, shelter and stability)

Unsurprisingly, a crucial element of happiness at home is for it to satisfy our fundamental need for a safe haven. Physical as well as mental stability and security are crucial. Resi's research indicates that 48% of us believe there is always something to worry about in relation to our homes.

Additionally, tenants could feel less secure. 55% of the populace thinks the government should require landlords to issue rental contracts covering two years of tenancy as normal, while 52% of people who rent privately plan to relocate within three years.

2. Subsidizing (provides healthy conditions)

It's crucial to have dwellings that maximize light, sound, and ventilation.is significant, as well as our capacity to regulate these components according to our own tastes.

Surprisingly, what we can view out of our windows has a significant influence. In comparison to our pleasure with sunshine levels, our levels of satisfaction with the sights outside are a more significant predictor of our happiness. Consequently, having more daylight can make us happier, but what we see has a much greater impact on our happiness.

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