10 Feb 2023

Someone who truly loves you is your sister.
No matter how much you disagree, nothing can drive you apart.
She is an unstoppable source of joy.
She will remain in your life once she gets there.

Her consoling words are worth far more than a dollar, a friend who supports you during trying times.
A companion who makes your life full of smiles and laughter. These memories will endure a lifetime.

The world is full of life when she is by your side.
Your days are tumultuous when she is absent.
A sister is a gift who radiates love into your heart.
She soars through life with you like a bird, all beauty.

She is a friend with whom you can share your emotions and keeps family interactions from becoming monotonous.
She never frowns and always lends a helping hand, no matter how you are feeling.

You can't hold a grudge against your sister.
She has a chocolate-like sweetness and fudge-like smoothness.
It's not only trendy to have a sister.
It's having the assurance that you can always rely on your best buddy.

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