River tells us...

14 May 2023

I was returning from Mumbai to Pune. Pune was seen near Pune. Now we see that our favorite river will be seen. We were going through the area near the river; But the river was not visible. Such a large river was lost, even disappearing. Because the entire surface of the river was grown 'water spines'. I have often read about this plant in the newspaper, but it was not imagined that it would be spreading so much. What a river feels! If the river starts to speak, then she will definitely blame humans. What did this river not give to man? Why it flows through a hill? Not to give life to our humanitarian sons!

She gives life and the life of a man breaks. What does the history of human culture say? In the past, villages were situated on the banks of the river, human culture was being developed, so since ancient times, rivers are referred to as 'Lokmata'. These rivers create excellent soil for agriculture, fertile soil, sludge on their cuts. It is because of this sari that a person's thirst is thirsty, the fields grow, the grape gardens bloom. Whatever we have to give to another, we are constantly on your way. The man stopped the shore, which was brought from the rainy season, stopped the flow of great fear and stopped her flow, yet this Sarita was not angry. She fulfilled all the wishes of men. For them, she jumped from the saddle, ran through the darkness of the tunnel. The man created electricity on her water. As a result, his house was lit up, the factory machines began to move. The lives of men became more rich, prosperous. The river was also increasing the shame of a man's meal by giving the fish in its water. But we humans have forgotten all this. Asking children living in cities like Mumbai Pune, "Where do you get your water from?" So she says, "Through the pipes." In this way, a man who is always engaged in his own work does not even remember this Mother of God. He brings all the dirt from his village and releases it in the river, big industrialists bring the polluted water from their factories into the river. Sugar mills are released into the water. At that time, how sad the river must be! Unable to speak, if the emotions are unleashed, they become uncontrollable and then destroy villages and villages.

If this river could speak, it would first grab the ears of this man and say, "O braggarts, do you have any sense? You fight over my water. Disputes have broken out over my water in kingdoms. Now water disputes have started in India and Bangladesh too. My water. So fill your lives with it and live with a smile; and yes, keep me clean too. Oh, babies, I have plenty of water. No one will run short of it, so stop fighting and live happily." Today I am going to tell you my secret. Roses have been born to us before the birth of man. Such references are found. But no one can say what is our exact birthplace, but in ancient times Rome was famous for its rose gardens. Arabs brought us to India in the 10th century. We are called by many names in your ancient literature. One of them is 'Tarunipushpa', what a real name! I am especially loved by the youth. They consider me as a symbol of their love for each other. Our popularity increased especially during the Mughal dynasty. The first perfume was produced from us on the occasion of the marriage of Jahangir Badshah and Begum Noor Jahan.

"I am a door-to-door wanderer. That's right, my whole family. Chief among them is the bear, my black bear. Then my wife and my two cubs. At present, this bear is our home.
This business came to me from my parents. My father was also a dervish. I used to roam with him from village to village as a child. I did not realize when I grew up and how this bear rope came into my hands. Father was tired but still walking with us. Because we don't have a house like this forever. Somewhere in such a wandering, father died. He was set on fire there. "People, this is my sorrow. What a life! We keep walking till our feet hurt. We play when we get to the village. Sometimes when we get well, we feed the bear first. The bear loves all vegetables. But the rider is happy when he gets to eat meat. Bear's favorite thing is 'honey' I feed him a lot of honey on Sanavari.Our four-man Gujran is Bahdha on Vadapavas only when we stay in a village we light three stone hearths and at the same time the boys get bread.

"Thousands of our varieties have been produced today. But not all varieties are fragrant. Different shapes, different colors. Friends, so far we have received many glories. The red rose on Panditji's coat was a message of universal love. Today, the hobby of rose flowers has become universal. That is why it is everywhere in the world. Our exhibitions are packed. "The one regret in all this is that my glory has become the inheritance of only a handful of people. Cultivating roses is a chic job. So the poor don't even turn to it. Since yesterday, I see, so many people went to see my beauty but there was not a single laborer, not even a slum dweller. There were no children. I admit that they will not be able to plant flowering plants like me but will they not be able to spoil with their eyes the unique beauty of thousands of flowers in this exhibition? This further joy should reach them. The exhibition was held for two days with tickets. Now one day without tickets. Wouldn't it work if we put on an exhibition? If the people who are struggling for bread are deliberately brought here... only then will this short life of mine be truly worthwhile."

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