11 Oct 2022

My scream was followed by tears and hyperventilating, and Edmund and Cece carried me back outside while I squatted and tried to get some air. My vision became blurry as I blinked to get the tears out.
“Bad Spice!” Cyril chided, chasing her back inside.
You would most likely say I was over reacting, but that was because she didn’t jump on you. Has a dog licked your hand before? Exactly.
I said I did not like animals. But Spice probably didn’t hear me mention that, because she still liked to greet me regardless of that event.
She would sit and stare at me often, as if trying to assure me that she was a really good girl and she just wanted me to pat her head.
As an empath, I finally gave in.
It was obviously the day I was leaving, so she wouldn’t think she would see me in the evening and run to ‘greet’ me like she did that night.
“Spice!” I called.
She turned to look, probably doing a double take to be sure I was the one that had just called out.Then she ran towards me.
My heart clutched as she rested her head on my lap. It was too late to run away from the scene, so I gently patted her head.
She relaxed and got off, as if to say, “See? That wasn’t so bad.”
It was.
But at least we’ve gotten to step one, befriending Spice the Samoyed.


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