Unveiling reality

1 Feb 2023

All our lives, people have told us that inside qualities are what truly count.
Until such time as everything is defined by beauty.
When you are informed you are not attractive enough to perform a task
When someone tells you that you are not attractive enough to love them
Being attractive gets ingrained in your life.
Putting on cosmetics in the hopes that they will like you
wearing uncomfortable clothing in an effort to fit in

Then there's Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
where people go to hide from their suffering
They edit their photos with filters
Photoshop is used to make their face look decent.
From behind that screen, you feel fantastic.
Dancing in a pool of compliments about how lovely you are
Obtaining a large number of likes
Now that you feel good

the point at which you must return to reality
when no one at school compliments you
Nobody expresses appreciation about your appearance.
Going back and forth between believing you're attractive and not

When that one person arrives, everything changes.
They're not popular or accepted, but they demonstrate that being attractive or gorgeous is not everything.
Finally, you breathe deeply and let your hair down.
The moment has come to accept that appearances don't matter.
What matters is what's inside.

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