"Shining" and ''Take the Day''

10 Sept 2023

All work.
No play.

Keep at work,
Keep your mind at bay.

No work,
Health would stay,

Then who would work for slaves' pay?

Play a while,
Inner Child awake,

Tomorrow is never a promised day.

Take the day.

Wind dancing across skin,
Rippling like red sheer fabric, 
Turning and cascading in fluid movements,
As if to say
“Breathe easy, and allow yourself to rest today.”

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I would like to state that I have a collection of all of my poems in three published short books as well that you can search and reference or read more of if you'd ever want to.
A Gentle Mind on Fire, A Gentle Minds Embers, A Gentle Mind Smoldering. (Amazon, digital, and paper format. )
I also publish stories via kindle and kindle vella. 

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Simple, short and meaningful
Thank you for this beautiful text!
very very very beautiful, good
Tomorrow is never a promised day - This line has deep meaning
great test
Two poem combine in one article, interesting
I enjoyed these. Looking forward to reading some more of your stuff. I write poetry as well, I only have 1 posted on my page at the moment, but I would appreciate your thoughts on it, if you would be so kind.
I was hoping to see some poems from you today.
"Shining" and "Take the Day" are both powerful and emotionally charged songs that have the ability to deeply resonate with listeners. "Shining" is a song that exudes positivity and self-empowerment. Its lyrics encourage us to embrace our inner strength and shine brightly, even in the face of adversity. The upbeat melody and catchy rhythm make it a perfect anthem for anyone in need of a confidence boost or a reminder of their own resilience. On the other hand, "Take the Day" has a more reflective and contemplative tone. This song invites us to slow down, appreciate the beauty of the moment, and seize the day. It reminds us that life is fleeting, and we should make the most of every opportunity that comes our way. The soothing melody and heartfelt lyrics make it a poignant reminder to savor life's precious moments.
This is a great reminder to let our light shine bright and to make the most of every day
Good use of two shorter pieces.
Sunshine is the light that comes from the sun. On a clear, cloudless spring day, you can go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Scientifically, sunshine or sunlight is the radiation that the sun gives off.
Didn't I would be this amazed surely that's a good one
All work no play make Jack a bad boy 😂
Fine pie ce of poetry