Passport issuance rises by 38%, more Nigerians relocate

13 Sept 2022

The Nigeria Immigration Service granted 38% more passports in 2021 than it did in 2020'

In 2020 and 2021, respectively, there were 767,164 and 1,059,607 passports issued
The categories of passports included normal, official, diplomatic, emergency travel certificates, refugee passports, and conventional travel documents, according to information gleaned from the NIS.

Out of the total number of passports issued in 2020, 761,825 were standard; 2,024 were official; 444 were diplomatic; and 2,871 were ETCs, according to a breakdown of that figure.

1,041,537 normal passports, 2,811 official passports, 895 diplomatic passports, 14,214 ETCs, and 150 refugee passports were all issued by the NIS in 2021.
In 2020 and 2021, respectively, that works out to around 2,081 and 2,853 passports being granted per 24 hours.

According to the United Kingdom immigration statistics, 13,609 Nigerian healthcare workers were given work visas during the year under consideration. Only India, with 42,966 practitioners, is behind this.

Seven out of ten Nigerians would be willing to leave their nation if given the chance, according to the Nigeria Social Cohesion Survey 2021 conducted by the African Polling Institute.

In addition, a World Bank survey conducted that year found that 56,000 more Nigerians left the nation each year than entered.

Additional research revealed that in 2019, Nigerians received over 19,000 skilled work and study visas from the UK. However, that number increased by 59,000, or 210%, in 2021.

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This is quite interesting to know - I found a similar article making the same points:,diplomatic%2C%20and%202%2C871%20were%20ETCs. Thanks for sharing :) Question for you: What do you think is behind this wave of mass migration?
More people are leaving the country by the day.