Elon Musk Has Planned for Twitter

1 Jun 2022

Cracking down on spam, increasing premium users, and adding payment functions (perhaps even in Dogecoin) are all ideas that have been floated by the billionaire Tesla CEO.
The deal itself remains up in the air, with Musk saying that the deal ‘cannot move forward’ pending further details of spambots on the platform, even as he committed $33.5 billion to his takeover bid.
Throughout, he’s continued to discuss his intentions for Twitter, telling fellow tech big-wigs on the All-In podcast there was potential for the platform to become a WeChat-style ‘super app’, with multiple functions in one place.
While free speech has been the most headline-grabbing of Musk’s ideas, it is the elimination of spam bots that he has fingered as his top priority. The issue is the current hold-up on the deal, with Musk suggesting that the company’s estimate that only 5% of its daily active users are bots is too low.
Twitter’s machine-learning methods already detect and challenge between 5 to 10 million accounts every week, according to a blog post from last year. But Musk thinks he can do better.
Without bots, what would the platform be like? Judging by recent Twitter purges of automated accounts, most people’s follower count would take a hit. By one estimate, Musk himself could lose half his own followers.
For Musk one of the goals appears to be fewer scams, including crypto scams. At TED 2022, in Vancouver, he said that bots and “scam armies” make Twitter “much worse.”

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