Electric Car

1 Jun 2022

In modern time times vehicles which runs on petrol / diesel produced harmful gases like CO2 - carbon dioxide , Co - Carbon monooxide  , NO2 - nitrogen dioxide & SO2- sulphur diooxide .
They are very dangerous for environment as well as human beings . it can cause lung inections and respiratory dieases , it can also harm cause acid rain in nature which destroys beauty.
Thats why Electric cars are introduced to minimise these pollution and save fuel and energy.
There is a famous company know as Tesla known for its best electric car services.
This company is owned by Elon musk .
Few electric car companies and car models are -

BMW         -  BMW iX
Tata          -   Tata Nexon EV
Porsche    -   Porsche Taycan
MG            -   MG ZS EV
Mini           -   Mini Cooper SE
Jaguar       -  Jaguar I-Pace

Many charging hubs are available for charging these cars
These electirc cars are more costly but they are environment friendly

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