20 Jul 2022

I’m so grateful for the day I discovered and started researching on crypto. 
The crypto space is so broad, each day we get to see new introductions to the space and that is what overwhelms me. Over the years I have learnt a lot and discovered amazing projects with cool features, Bulb is one of those projects. I’m happy to be one the early adopters of BULB.
One good thing about the crypto space is that it connects people together from all parts of the world to share ideas and do a lot of things. 
Over the last decade, crypto has grown so big that literally everyone in the world knows about it. 
Crypto indeed is the future, the future of finance.
It has eliminated the bureaucratic bottleneck of the banking system. You can easily send and receive funds without due process, from any part of the world. Crypto has made life easy.
Personally, crypto has brought me a long way from where I used to be and I am always happy I discovered crypto.

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Crypto is revolutionary. It has brought whole a lot of opportunities to people. A typical form of financial decentralization. Crypto is certainly the future.
Crypto is indeed the future. It has truly changed a lot of lives, making thing easier for people. There are countless opportunities in the crypto space that one can take up and earn comfortably.