Rural Entrepreneurship 01

23 May 2023

India lives in villages and its true spirits lives in rural areas-Mahatma Gandhi A large proportion of rural population have been facing challenge of unemployment or underemployment resulting in maration to urban areas in search af employment opportunities that can be addressed through entrepreneurial development in rural areas Entrepreneurial activities contribute to economic development with increased rural income and growth of employment opportunities making maximum utisation of the local labour as well as locally available raw materials to divest these practices which are not falling Into the category of sustainability Sustainability has been an increasingly important sue for most enterprises in india especially since the focus on UN Agenda 2030 Gosh for Sustainable Development has been in discussion. And this sustainable development in indian context particularly should address resources inclusive of human and household as a whole. However, the rural community in india is yet to be fully aware of the value of these resources.

The word entrepreneurship describes the activity undertaken by an entrepreneur which Indian enterprises are deeply entrenched usually involves moderate risk with an aim to make in traditional industrial system that requires a profit from the activity The term "entrepreneur 180 degres change at present. This calls actively has French origin, Rural entrepreneursh can be defined as the activity taken up by the individuals in the countryside that supports either manufacturing products or provides services of adoption of new technologies for an economic benefit it brings value addition to rural resources engaging largely human resources of rural area Rural entrepreneurs represent a compies heterogeneous social structure and can be broadly dessified as farm entrepreneurs. artisan entrepreneurs, merchant and trading entrepreneurs, tribal entrepreneurs and general entrepreneurs, Rural entrepreneurship concentrates on identifying rural entrepreneurial talents promoting indigenous enterprises by augmenting village economy value through ampicynant ganeration for the rural people Since independence, both central and state governments have implemented diverse policies and schemes for the support and development of rural entrepreneurship but less than achievable Denefits are derived so far Rural entrepreneurship mast emerge in rural areas and sustain for economic development Why Hural Entrepreneurship? With cyclic and disposed unemployment, it suffers with chronic underemployment. Due to distressed migration of rural people to mega sites the villages remain deserted and village resources are remaining unexplored. Besides lack of infrastructure, market and financial access further aggravate rural livelihoods. The lolthood of trained village artisans stands at stake due to unorganised structure and lack of market Apart from this, the purchasing power of rural people is crippling down and that of urban areas bursting due to overcrowding. The traditionalist ways of rural industries somehow contribute meager to the productivity levels in rural indu, so neither the new technological support nor the I revolution has made any significant alterations t the pace of rural growth. The above mentioned causes are underlying as a necessity to promate rural entrepreneurship so that the chronic underemployment and out migration sues of rural areas are tackled on priority basis Mural Entrepreneurship h synonymous of rural industrialisation. The development and growth of it helps in generating self-employment, rural india, uvike the urban India, spreading industrial and economic activities and ising local labour as well as locally available raw materials. In India, rural industries have been premoted since establishment of Khadi and Village Industry Commission (KVIC) during 1956- 57 with social objectives of providing employment in rural areas, economic objectives of providing saleable articles and wider otjectives of creating self-reliance amongst people and building up a strong rural community spirit. Entrepreneurial activities have enhanced in the rural areas over a period of time, however it is less as compared to urban areas. Moreover, it is dominated with manufacturing activities and micro level enterprises.

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