Visited Software house.

24 May 2024

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Hello there, Bulb enthusiasts. I hope you're all having a wonderful day. I am also grateful for your kind thoughts and prayers. Today has been quite hectic for me, as I just returned from university. I've been in classes since the morning and was only released a short while ago. The first thing I did upon returning was to pick up my laptop and start composing today's article. It was a particularly busy day because I had to prepare for a web viva, so I spent the entire day studying for it.

By God's grace, the viva went well, and I received good grades. Now, my mind is completely exhausted, and I'm struggling to think of a good topic to write about. So, I’ve decided to share my new experience from the previous day. Let's get started!

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Now, I think it's time to delve into today's topic. But before I begin, if you haven't checked out my previous articles, I encourage you to do so.

Teen Wolf: Worth Watching.

Visited Software house.

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A few days ago, one of my friends encouraged me to join the software firm where he is employed. At this point, I don't have any specific skills or command of any programming language, which is why he was urging me to join the software house. He believed that by working there, I could develop valuable skills by the time I complete my degree. Before this offer, I had applied to many software houses, but they all rejected me because I hadn't completed any projects. However, the owner of this particular software house is related to my friend, so I applied with his recommendation.

Introduction to the Software Firm

When I arrived at the company with my friends that day, the owner summoned us all to his office. He began by telling us about himself and the goals of the software firm. He then provided an overview of its various branches and some of the most well-known projects they have completed. After that, he introduced us to the most senior developers at his software house. Finally, he asked us to introduce ourselves one by one.

Initial Impressions and Interview

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Two of my friends were very hardworking and were already working on a few projects, so they mentioned these during their introductions. The owner then inquired about the languages I was interested in and what my future plans were. He started by asking a few basic questions about my degree, almost like an interview. To my surprise, all of his questions were unexpected. I had anticipated he would ask about my CGPA and other academic details, but he didn't even ask about my degree or the semester I was in. Instead, he kept asking me to show any projects I had completed in the past years.

The Owner's Dissatisfaction and the Tour

After the interview, I noticed that the owner was dissatisfied with me because he prefers people who are involved in projects or who work very hard, and I did not fit that description. He then introduced us to all the employees and gave us a tour of the entire software house. It was a three-story building with roughly 50 rooms. Afterward, he showed us our seats and discussed the schedule and other details.

The Challenging Assignment and Decision to Leave

On the first day, he assigned us a task with a 24-hour deadline, stating that whoever completed the project would remain at the software house. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete the assignment. Consequently, I recently decided to quit the software house because the schedule was inconvenient for me.

Ending Thoughts

Until we meet again, stay curious, stay connected, and above all, stay true to yourself.
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