Should uric acid patients eat non-veg or not

18 Oct 2022

A physical condition like uric acid is seen when you start consuming more purine rich things. Therefore, at this time you have to take more care of your diet, otherwise you may have to face many problems. For example, your kidneys can be very much affected and there may be a risk of damage. If you like to eat meat or non-veg, then this is bad news for you because patients with increased uric acid level should not consume non-veg at all. Let's know the reason

Why non-veg should not be consumed in uric acid?

The amount of protein in non-veg items is high, due to which uric acid is produced in the body. This can increase uric acid even more, so you should stay away from red meat at all. If you still eat meat, then the risk of kidney and liver damage can increase. Therefore, make sure that there is only a normal amount of uric acid in your body. 4 to 6.5 mg/dl in men and 3.5 to 6 mg/dl in women is considered normal.

Some symptoms of uric acid

In this, joint pain starts and especially in the joints like hands and knees, there is more pain, due to which the problem of arthritis becomes very common. Due to this, the risk of getting kidney stones can also increase, so you should know it in time and start its treatment so that you can keep in mind the precautions related to it.

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