Do you like Games?

19 Feb 2023

Do you like games, my friend?
The ones that make your heart ascend
With competition, strategy, and skill
They can test you, but also thrill

Perhaps you prefer the board game type
Monopoly, Clue, or Settlers of Catan, ripe
For hours of play, with friends and family
A fun and social way to pass time, happily

Or maybe video games are more your speed
With action, adventure, and daring deeds
Exploring worlds both real and imagined
With challenges that keep you fully engaged

Sports games can make your heart race
As you strive to win the championship chase
Basketball, football, or soccer galore
There's something for everyone, and plenty more

Card games like poker or blackjack
Can test your luck and your knack
For reading other players, and keeping cool
In the face of high-stakes, playing the fool

And then there are party games, oh so fun
Charades, Pictionary, and Never Have I Ever, one by one
They bring laughter and camaraderie to the fore
With endless possibilities, you'll never get bored

No matter what type of game you choose
The thrill of victory, or even defeat, you can't refuse
For games are more than just a simple pastime
They bring people together, and create memories divine

So do you like games, my friend?
I hope your answer is a resounding "Yes!" in the end
For life is short, and games can be the spice
That adds joy and fun, making it all the more nice.

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