Future of mobile calls

4 May 2022

Future of mobile calls

Modern technology has developed readily and we are seeing all sorts of new implementation in the industry in regards to technology. The most famous arguably being Tesla's self driving car. But what about hand held devices?

With the introduction to virtual reality using a VR headset like the Occulus rift, gaming or even watching shows has been made possible in the 3D sense as if you are stepping into the reality within the platform itself. But what about for socialising? Well, steam already has a game for this called VR chat, which is a similar concept. It allows you to enter a virtual reality world. being able to talk, interact and communicate with others around the world. This is an interesting concept to me as I feel this would be viable for something as simple as just phone calls or video calls. Upping it up a notch from holding your device to your ear or pointed to your face, and instead stepping into a private virtual reality world with just you and the partner of the call.

Would a concept like this be the possible future of video and voice calling across the world? I believe it could be, and would make a long of long distance seeings a lot more meaningful!  

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Johnson Chau
A star wars hologram chat will be sick!🚀
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