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23 Jan 2023

There are diverse ways one can be profitable in the DEFI space, it's just upto you and how successful you wish to become that will help shapen your mindset towards taking necessary actions This is where the Koko is🤑
literally, nobody want to engage in something that is not profitable or bring any financial returns, at least something should come out of it, for it to probably worth your time

Some of these ways these ways are:
✨ Aidrops
✨ Defi Arbitraging
✨ Yield farming/staking
✨ Flipping IDOs
✨ Flipping NFTs
✨ Hodling
✨ Degen plays
✨ Lending and borrowing
✨ Teaching and offering services
Airdrops are marketing strategies adopted by cryptocurrency creators as a way to gain more Attraction and investor to their project. In achieving this, they send some amounts of tokens to people.
It's a viable ways of becoming rich especially for beginners or those with no money
This aspect involves buying Cryptocurrencies at a lower price on an exchange and selling higher at another exchange to make profits.
Easy pizzy 🤑
You simply earn by simply providing liquidity or locking your tokens in a pool, you receive incentives from every buys and sells taking place in that platform.
IDO have become viable means for raising funds for projects.
It is a medium where projects offer their ideas, vision...investors go in at an early stage to make profit when the project starts trading.. A win-win situation for both parties.
You can make profits by buying NFTs at lower rates and selling high for profits and daily basis.
Holding (Sometimes written as HODL which means hold on for dear life)
Whereby you buy hold for short or long term then sells off when price increases.
Degen plays:
Degen means degenerates, it's a high risk investment but with huge returns, here one may make over 2,000% and above
It can remove you from trenches in seconds 😂 but without due diligence it may return you back to trenches in seconds.
This space is packed with opportunities just discover your nitche and position properly for profit making. One can make money by getting paid for knowledge transfer, Teaching people what you know about DeFi and be paid in return 🤑.
Another way is offering services, in DeFi you can actually offer your real live skill or your DeFi skill to earn cash💰, you get defi jobs and offer services either as a defi tutor, a defi Researcher, graphics Designer, community Manager or moderator, UI/UX etc....
The least gig as a defi Researcher In spotting good alphas on twitter is $1k monthly from the comfort of your home so you see😁😁

Howbeit,you can't offer services to what you do not have knowledge about, this is where*ACQUIRING PROPER KNOWLEDGE* becomes very necessary.
Without proper knowledge you may lose all profits made in split seconds.
Always seek to know first before seeking to earn in other to minimize loses.
You can choose to pay and learn from individuals or utilies informations on the internet whichever one you find okay by you.

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