Skahtah the Legendary Shaman: LordsOfMythos

24 May 2023

So as I move forward in creating LordsOfMythos on Opensea, I wanted to share with you guys one of the character backgrounds I'm working on. When you purchase a LordsOfMythos NFT you're purchasing a online character with a unique background & set of skills. The storytelling aspect of LordsOfMythos is what will make it such a unique and memorable collection, and it will drive the game later on in development. Here is the story of Skahtah, the latest character I've been working on. I hope you enjoy!

  • Long ago, in the heart of the Mohawk Nation, there lived a powerful shaman named Skahtah. Skahtah was known throughout the land for his ability to track and expel dangerous creatures that threatened the safety of his people. He was a wise and respected member of the tribe, and his skills were legendary. One day, the people of the Mohawk Nation were plagued by a creature unlike any they had ever seen before. The creature was known as the Wendigo, a terrifying beast that fed on human flesh and was said to be invincible. The Wendigo had been terrorizing nearby villages, and the people were desperate for help. Skahtah knew that he was the only one who could stop the Wendigo. He set out on a journey to track down the creature, using his supernatural shaman abilities to sense its presence. For days, he trekked through the wilderness, following the trail of the Wendigo. Finally, he came upon the creature, lurking in the shadows of a dense forest. The Wendigo was enormous, with razor-sharp claws and teeth, and eyes that glowed with a fierce hunger. Skahtah knew that he had to act quickly. He called upon the spirits of the earth and sky, and with a powerful incantation, he summoned a bolt of lightning to strike the Wendigo. The creature roared in pain, but it was not defeated. Undeterred, Skahtah continued to use his shaman abilities to weaken the Wendigo. He called upon the spirits of the animals, and they came to his aid, attacking the creature with their claws and teeth. The Wendigo fought back fiercely, but Skahtah was determined to vanquish it. Finally, after a long and grueling battle, Skahtah emerged victorious. The Wendigo lay defeated at his feet, its body writhing in agony. Skahtah knew that he had saved his people from certain doom, and he was hailed as a hero throughout the land. From that day forward, Skahtah was revered as one of the greatest shamans in Mohawk history. His legend lived on, inspiring generations of Mohawk people to embrace their own shamanic abilities and to honor the power of the natural world.

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The NFT felt like the Black Panther origin story
It's gorgeous. Did you do all the artwork yourself? Are you minting these as one of ones? Or will there be a multiple mint of each?