Hunted! - The final stretch

2 Aug 2022

Photo Rhett Noonan
Before I jump into the exciting events of the last few weeks please take the time to review the earlier articles so you are up to speed. 
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Napes, Hunted! - week 2 on the run
Now to begin the events over the last two day and with one day remaining there are 3 fugitives left trying to evade authorities for a chance to win a share of $100,000.
Who is still on the Run, and more about them soon
Jake and Rob

Recently captured

Puneet and Kris, Had evaded the Hunters based on their gut instincts, they were still relying on their friends as a key contact, and with that Phone being monitored and left on with location services enabled, Hunters pinged the phone that led straight to their location. Captured.
Nicholas and Lavinia, In my view hard done by, when they were totally of the grid, the Hunters took away their cash by blocking their credit cards, which goes against the rules of the game. They were in need of cash and the Hunters circled in on their location. A few poor decisions by not getting on the first bus the Hunters found them, they split of and Nicholas was captured, but Lavinia remained on the bus. She should have got off the bus but decided to stay on and the Hunters were waiting for her at Southern Cross Station, Melbourne. Both Captured
Matt, while waiting for a contact at a pub, the contacts was being monitored by the Hunters and found Matt lurking behind a tree just before they made contact, separated from Stathi was a smart move as the Hunters only Found Matt and was caught after a small chase. Matt Captured and Stathi remains on the run and is seeking refuge before trying to get to the evacuation point.,
Captured previously
Angie and Michelle
Erina-Lea and Jess
Derek and Courtney
Karen and Brittany
Sonny-Joe and Grace
with the remaining 3 fugitives and 4 team left the Hunters are to dedicate all their resources on these two teams

Jake and Rob  have been off the radar and establishing en elaborate plan and masquerading as women, made the decision to split up and stay with randoms they met at the pub. The authorities have really only one lead A phone that had bee used previously that has been switched off for a number of days. How do they keep in contact when they need to get to their evacuation point only time will tell.


Stathi, With Matt being identified while waiting for one of their contacts a short pursuit entailed and the team had been split up with Stathi evading the authorities and taking refuge in the safety of a randoms household for the night. Struggling after his mate was captured he may just make it to the end

The Hunters will be provided their location on the final night and then it is a race to the evacuation point. Will anyone make it to the end? My early indication was Stathi and Matt, with Matt now gone Stathi still remains a strong chance to get to the end. Tune in tonight for the Finale!
Who do you think will win?


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{4} Napes, Hunted! - week 2 on the run

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