Things I loved about school

23 Nov 2022

Do you have things you actually love about school? I do have a few things I miss about school. My primary school days were more of home to school kind of schedule. I just remember the part where I was pretty much in love with mathematics. 

Then, my teacher would ask Us to figure out solutions to Quantitative reasoning and being that math was my favourite subject, I always enjoyed the fact that I had to use my brain to solve problems.

My Jnr secondary days weren't much fun, although I liked the fact that I knew all my classmates by name. Being a catholic school, I really liked the catholic hymns and the prayers. And back then in my first year in sec school, we did have variety nights where students would perform and do several activities.

I also miss the slang we would come up with to represent different things in order to keep what we were talking about a mystery to our seniors and staff of the school. My 3rd year in sec school was kinda fun tho. I was exempted from a whole lot of work. I enjoyed several privileges then, and it really feel good.

My senior secondary days, well well well, that was when I realized I was pretty shy around the ladies, but fortunately I had no issues since my class had just a girl in it. I miss the days we would all stay in class and drum to a song till a teacher comes by and we would all pretend like nothing was happening. 

My Snr Sec days were pretty fun, especially my last year in secondary school, we were enjoying a whole lot of benefits, and we were kinda in charge of school while the teachers were not around. 

I miss how we would just run around during the inspection of hostels on Saturdays. Well, that's all in the past now, but the memories live on in my head. 

What do you miss the most about school?

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I really do miss my days back in school. Life made seemed simpler and easier then, you’d just go to class come back and that was it. But now, life’s just more complicated as the days go by. But I appreciate my days in school tho
@Anon Woowwww, I also wanted a post of a prefect but I got denied. Anyways, I'm pretty sure I would have been a good prefect and the opportunity was not gonna waste. But I never got the opportunity to proof myself, maybe because of the portfolio I had then
I really do miss school mehnnn, I was a prefect back then and I commanded a lot of respect. I represented my school in competitions back i school and I was respected by both teachers and students. well, memories is all that is left
My days in school was fun with mixed feelings. I was studious and hard work. I represent my school for competitions. My late father was proud of me because I was academically sound.
Wow Really nice to know about how much things you enjoyed while in school, I'm pretty much sure it is more than that, you just probably decided to skip some things. My days in school was quite fun tho. I took part is several things and competitions I represented my school in a lot
What I miss most about school is being free to explore without consequence to what happens in the near future