What kind of country is Portugal?

28 Jan 2023

Portugal is an enviable tourist destination. Portugal Land area: 92,225 square kilometers, population: 10.3 million. The main ethnic group in the territory: Portuguese, the main language: Portuguese. This beautiful country portugal is divided in to eighteen regions and two autonomous regions. Among them, the cities with the largest population are: Lisbon: 2.42 million. Porto: 263,000. Braga: 121,300. In terms of population and area, Portugal is indeed a small country. In fact, Portugal has become an enviable country by virtue of its own potential.

Portuguese History:

In the early days, Portugal was ruled by the Romans, the Germans, the Visigoths, and the Moors. After a period of disputes, the Kingdom of Portugal was established, which lasted for a total of four dynasties, namely the Burgundy Dynasty, the Aviz Dynasty, Habsburg Dynasty, Braganza Dynasty.

Portugal entered its heyday in the 15th-16th century. At this time, they had large colonies and were a real maritime power. In 1755, an earthquake severely hit the Portuguese economy. At this time, Portugal did not sink, but continued to dominate by relying on its deep family foundation.

After the rise of Britain and France, Portugal gradually declined. The French occupied Portugal for a time. Fortunately, the British helped to free Portugal from French rule. However, the domestic political situation was turbulent and this issue had become the main theme of the country, until after World War II, the situation in Portugal gradually stabilized, thus becoming an enviable country.

Portuguese economy:

Portugal is a developed country, but its overall economic volume is not as big as that of powerful countries such as Germany, Britain and the United States. In 2018, the GDP was: 237.979 billion US dollars and the per capita GDP was: 23,146 US dollars. From the economic data, Portugal economic level can only be ranked in the middle of the world, and there is still a long distance from the old powerful countries.

The most important industry in Portugal economy is the service industry. After all, it contributes 68.6% of the national employment rate. In addition, the textile industry, agriculture and animal husbandry industry, service industry, and financial industry have a certain proportion in the Portuguese economy. At the same time, Portugal is the world's largest economy. In addition, Portugal shoe industry is also very famous. Portuguese football players has a strong influence around the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo and Eusebio are famous celebrities in the world.

Some things about Portugal:

1. The living environment in Portugal is very good. The long coastline, and warm sea breeze, plus fresh air, which makes countless people addicted to it and many people think that such a country should come and see it once.

2. Portugal is the first country in the world to abolish slavery, and it is also the first country to abolish the death penalty, and there is no life imprisonment.

3. The Portuguese attach great importance to appearance. Mostly men prefers wear suits and ties in public. After all, this can show their composure and solemnity.

Portuguese benefits:

Portugal is an excellent country with beautiful scenery. It attracts a large number of people to settle in this country every year. The Portuguese government has also made great efforts to improve national welfare, making Portugal the most suitable country for foreigners to settle in Europe.

Childbirth and education benefits:

Portugal population growth rate is low. In order to encourage childbirth, the government gives higher support for each mother. Each mother starts to receive allowances from the thirteenth week of pregnancy, with a maximum of 145 euros per month and the government also give the mother a living allowance of 200 euros. Pregnant women also enjoy 30 days of paid leave before delivery and 42-90 days of paid leave after delivery. Fathers also receive 15 days of full-paid paternity leave, as well as medical services.

The Portuguese government is deeply aware of the fundamentals of education in the country. In order to realize the rejuvenation of the country through science and education, it invests a lot of money every year, second only to the United States and Canada. In Portugal, education is compulsory and free for 12 years, and each child can receive a monthly allowance of 145 euros after birth, and 36.42 euros after reaching the age of one.

Pension subsidy: After the age of 65, every Portuguese elderly person receive a pension, and there is a long-term care allowance for those who are bedridden and live alone.

In summary: Each country has its own characteristics. Portugal is a country worth visiting once in a lifetime.

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