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1 Oct 2022

There is a lot of hair fall, the problem of hair loss before age, stop hair fall with these home remedies and new hair will also come.

If your hair starts falling at a young age ie 30, then you should not ignore it. Nowadays the problem of hair fall may have become common, but if there is a lot of hair fall then it should be taken care of. Although hair falls according to the season too, but sometimes hair falls due to not taking special care and due to many other reasons. Let's know which home remedies can improve hair growth and reduce hair fall

1. Causes of Hair Loss:

Sometimes there is a lack of many nutrients in the body, even then hair falls. Taking too much stress also causes hair fall. Many times the hair breaks more during the rainy season and due to stomach problem also the hair is affected. Hair fall also occurs due to deteriorating hormonal balance. Many times, along with applying to the hair, we should also pay attention to the diet, as the diet we take, our hair will be as strong and the hair will get nourishment.

2. Vitamin E :

Vitamin E is very important for hair. Vitamin E capsules can also be taken. Vitamin E promotes hair growth. Eat things rich in Vitamin E and apply it in the hair too. There are many such food items in which vitamin E is found, consume them.

3. Fenugreek Mask :

Fenugreek does not stop your falling hair from falling but also helps in growing new hair. For this, you have to soak half a cup of fenugreek overnight and make a paste in the morning and apply this mixture as a hair mask. Wash off with water after about an hour. Do this remedy once or twice a week and then see the effect.

4. Egg :

Along with eating eggs, it is also beneficial to apply it in the hair. Many nutritious elements are present in eggs. Eggs are a great way to control the problem of hair fall. Eggs contain vitamin E, minerals that prevent hair fall.

5. Yogurt:

Curd is best for hair, people apply curd and lemon in the hair, it acts as a conditioner. Curd reduces hair breakage and nourishes the hair

6. Oil:

Oil is the best moisturizer for hair, oil massage is very important. Two-faced hair is short. By adding coconut oil, jojoba or curry leaves, make the oil lukewarm and then apply on the hair, it will reduce hair fall.

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Hair health is related to the health of our body, which we cannot ignore.
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