No matter how good a friend is, these few things can't be said

2 Feb 2023

As an adult, you should know what should be said and what should not be said. Don't be rude and hateful and cause trouble for yourself. Friends are divided into three, six, nine, and so on.

But we need to know who our true friend is.
But it's best not to say the following to anyone. Know how to protect yourself. Some people are naturally good at disguising and friends are easy to degenerate relationships.

Learn to see clearly what your friend's habits are and don't tell him any secret until you are satisfied.

No matter how good friends you have, these few things can't be said

Way of making money

In today's society, money can be said to be the most important thing in the world. Without money, it is absolutely impossible to live freely. Money determines your level and decides whether your living water quality is decent or not.

Money is the easiest thing to cause disputes. You must not mention your way of making money to others. No matter how good friends are, you must keep an eye on them. You must understand that some words are fine a few times, and some things are rotten in your heart and never mention it to others.

Friends are not your family and family is selfless, learn to protect yourself, don’t let yourself get hurt in society, keep your mouth shut, and don't casually look down on others at critical times. Be sure to think about yourself, in this world, apart from yourself and your family, no one wants you to have a better life than him.

The scandal of your home

As we all know that family scandals should not be publicized, and scandals are not decent and honorable things and of course they should not be publicized.

There are some bad friends who will exaggerate the story and try their best to damage your family honor. This will make outsiders think what your family is like? You can only imagine how much these negative news will affect you and your family.

Good things don't go out and bad things spread thousands of miles. Don't often tell your friends about your family's problems and your own bad habits. After a long time, people will not only think about how fool you are, but also look down on you.

So people who feel that friends are the ones with whom you can share all kinds of secrets, then you have a serious misunderstanding because most of the time friends cheat, and you have to know that your friends will also have friends too.

You must not reveal your family affairs to the outside world. No outsider really cares about your life, so everyone only cares about yourself the most. There are too many malicious people now.

Don't talk about other people's right or wrong

We must understand the truth that misfortune comes from our mouths, and an inadvertent sentence may be obstructed by others.

Don’t lower your bottom line and principles. Not talking about other people’s right and wrong in front of friends. Talking about other people's right and wrong is not good after all, and it is even more inadvisable to tell your friends, because your friends also have mouths. Once your relationship deteriorates, your words may be used as guns by others.

The best way is to not focus too much on others, and focus more on yourself to improve and perfect yourself so that others will be attracted to you.

After getting along with people for a long time, everyone will know some things, and there is no need to mention it clearly. If you don’t do things that are harmful to others and not good for yourself, Then it means that you are protecting your character.

That's why people who tell everything to others have to suffer.

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