Festival Ended: Back to Normal Routine.

15 Apr 2024

Good Morning Bulb Family!

I hope you are all well and happy. I am also fine. Today is a very normal day for us all, haha, I am saying this because today is Monday. As you know, the weekend has ended and the day before yesterday was Eid, so because of this, today feels very strange.

So that's why I thought, why not talk about Eid today? I have been publishing my already published articles here for the past two days because of my busy routine.

Now, I think it's time to delve into today's topic. But before I begin, if you haven't checked out my previous articles, I encourage you to do so.

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Back to hectic routine

Eid is a very special festival for us. For all Muslims, Eid is a reward from Allah for observing the fasts. That's why we celebrate this day with all our hearts. We go to meet our loved ones and welcome them into our homes.

First day of Eid

I spent the first day of Eid in my village. All of my father's relatives live in my village. Therefore, the first day is specifically reserved for my father's side of the family. Throughout the day, there is a constant coming and going between us and them.
On the first day, I took some photos with my loved ones and also snapped some pictures myself so that I could capture these beautiful moments on my mobile.

Second day of Eid

The second day is very special for me because we go to the city side where my mother's relatives live. As you may know, it's natural that we have a closer bond with my mother's side of the family. However, this time everyone was very busy with their lives. I went to the city on the second day but returned home after just two hours and then went to sleep. I spent the entire second day sleeping.

3rd & Last day of Eid

The third day was spent with my friends. Early in the morning, one of my college friends called and said that all our old friends were planning a meet-up, and if I was available, I should come. So, I went there and we spent the whole day together, eating meals and so forth. And that's how my third day also passed.


Over the weekend, my sister, who is married, came to our house, and I was most eagerly awaiting her visit. Her daughter was born four months ago, so after quite a long time, I got to meet her, and it felt really good to see her. That's why I spent the entire weekend at home.

Ending Thoughts

All the guests have left and now everyone has gone back to their homes. Because of this, the whole house feels empty. It feels really strange. So that was the story of my Eid.
Let me know in the comments how your Eid went and how your weekend was!

Let’s interact in the comment section. Thank you to all the readers for your precious time.

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