13 Jan 2023

I have been down for a while now, and nobody has even noticed, disregarding me like I wasn't the life of the party once. I have been knee-deep in alcohol for the past couple of days, and you didn't bother to check on me. My eyes are red, and you didn't notice them at all. Do you even care at all? If you do not know me at all, you won't know how buried I am inside myself. Even those who claim to know me missed the fact that I've been knee-deep in alcohol for the past few days. People do not really know you. Do not depend on people because they do not really know you. Hey, thank you for checking in on me. I really appreciate it. This is someone I've known for just a little while, but she noticed everything, but there's you, who claims you know me best, not seeing any of it. Thank you now I know where I stand.

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