The middle class fantasies..

27 Jan 2023

"There are many people in this world and they are living different life styles."

"Some are rich and some are poor"

"There are some people inbetween both poor and rich those are middle class"

"these type of families face both happiness and sadness"

"In these cateogory of families the people will have some facilities atmost needed but they cant fulfill their dreams because of no money"

"Every person in a middle calss families have their own dreams and fantasies"

"Some have desire to have beautiful clothes and etc etc if they are girls"

"the men want bikes,cars and they want to live in big houses etc"

"But the history repeats that a middle class person is being middle class for generations"

"They have many fantasies but they dont have money to fulfill their dreams"

"Middle class people will adjust in every part of their life and move on with the time"

"Sometimes a middle class person cant even eat 1 time a day"

"the sadness around all the people is hyped up and the happiness will be lowered"

"No one will help you in those situations"

"Only people want your money not the person in you"

"At the time of problems a middle class person faces the problem single handedly"

"Because we have gratitude and downto earth people"

"Waiting for the days when we can make our fantasies come true"

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