Pionex Trading Bot: Day 25

26 May 2023

Hey guys, it's been about a week since my last update on Pionex grid trading bots. The reasoning is because the market has been trading downwards & I haven't captured many trades. 🤷‍♂️ From this week to the last I have probably dropped from an average of 4 transactions a day to 2. I could edit the parameters and capture more trades with this bot, I'm sure, but my intentions with this bot aren't to capture more trades, as I think it wouldn't make a significant profit in comparison. I believe trading fees would cancel out any difference in profit. I may run another bot in the near future with double the grids as a test, just to see if it is slightly more profitable, but I have my doubts. With a long term strategy, I feel like earning a higher percentage of profit per trade is more beneficial. I am predicting that Bitcoin will eventually drop below 25k in the near future so I will have to add investment to this bot and lower the parameters so that it can still trade if the price of Bitcoin does continue to drop. My goal is to run this bot long term until Bitcoin crosses 34k again. As part of my DCA strategy I pull profits from the bot weekly and I reinvest in back into BTC so I can earn compound interest. Once the bot does eventually close at 34k I will wait for a dip back to 32k & run the bot through the next bull run. Obviously, crypto markets can be highly volatile and unpredictable, so these are just my estimates, and I will do what I can at the end of the day to buy back in as close to my estimates as possible. I'm experimenting with bots, none of this is financial advice lol, but it is an interesting way for others to learn from my good and bad decisions with money 😅 I document these mostly for my reference but also in the hopes that they are informative and enjoyable for others to read as well. I will drop the current parameters & stats for the bot below as well as some of my affiliate links. Have a good day ✌️😎✅

Upper Limit : 34119.91
Lower Limit : 25251.72
Attitude : BTC Fluctuant & then Bullish 🐂
Grids : 49
Quantity per Grid : 0.000882
Profit per Grid : 0.34% - 0.53%
Start Price : 29229.86
DCA Holdings Buy Price : 28557.42

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