My aunty and his knowledge about birds

19 Oct 2022

When a holiday comes around, I recall how much fun Aunt's place is! My aunt lives in Selu village near Parli, and I currently reside in Ratnagiri. I finally spotted my aunt's house after travelling for an hour and a half to two hours. She would greet me with a smile as she stood at the door. "Will you continue to remain for a while? Parental health?" She used to ask me as she was eating raghavdas ladoo she had cooked. 

The mansion of Auntie is enormous! At the entryway is a mango tree. Each mango has a sweetness comparable to that of a coconut! We would be playing Patte, Bhenda, and Carrom in the courtyard, together with his siblings and friends from Mumbai, numbering thirteen to fourteen. Aunty used to stay up late with us. The house was in front of his paddy field. My aunt took me to see this farm. Moreover, the pure delight of pulling the necessary vegetables from the basket that day. His aunt's home was not close to Kan's. You have to shout all the way to the end of the garden to reach the neighbours. Aunty's house was so jam-packed with people that it wasn't even the only one there. All of the roomy spaces, including the OT, kitchen, bedrooms, and closet room in the middle, had huge screens on all four sides. In the shed adjacent to the OT, there was a sleeping area. Whatever the event, there would always be loud music playing at her home. When the event was mentioned, Aunty, who used to prepare so many different foods every day, would glow with joy.

How my aunt gives me useful information:

We met Kau Chiu when we were quite young. The mother calls his name as she feeds grains on the soft grass. When Ha Chiucha Ha Kawcha began speaking, it might be claimed that one was a sparrow and one was a crow. A big bird, the crow is. Even when he is close to a man, he maintains his distance. While some birds are irresponsible, the crow Ashtauprahara always acts cautiously. It is quite tough to induce him to fire. For a crow, filling its stomach is a pretty simple task. He is a superhuman. He never considers anything to be a waste. He takes up the mouse that was laying on the tree with joy. kneeling with a fish on his head and a tummy full of fish On the platter, the fish is oriented upward. Shiroon stretches the bread basket through the open window into the kitchen. Shame on him, this is theft. In no way. A crow can find food by hanging out near populated areas and by getting lost in the forest. It continues like going into a field of chilies and eating young chillies, stomping on maize kernels, rubbing against wheat stalks, and rubbing against sorghum grains. There is no flavour that demands only cooked food; dried rations also function. Even carnivores find it difficult to spot vegetarians. He enjoys eating both wet and dry foods. These crows are excellent for forest hunting. When it notices an animal that resembles a tiger emerge, a sharp-eyed crow yells. The hunter is aware of the animal's movements.

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I heard her in the corridor, talking to another nurse. "You go on down to tea, Judith. I'll just see to this one and I'll join you. It's that girl who came in last night
I stayed by Caitlin, where I promised I'd be, Nurse Carol's words running through my head. She won't be waking up for a while. Caitlin wouldn't miss me if I went downstairs for a few minutes.
All those fleeting thoughts dissolved in my irritation that her attention was on me instead of Caitlin, whose sobs made my chest ache in sympathy.
I guess you're better off going back to the nurses' station, or wherever else you're needed." I flashed her my most charming smile, feeling cheap for not following it up with anything else. "Go to tea, Carol." Which Carol did, without hesitation.
I stuck my pillow behind me to cushion my head from the cold, laminated surface of the headboard and spread my sheet over myself as best I could. My last thought before I fell asleep was that, under better circumstances, with a bigger bed and less clothes, I'd be happy to climb into bed with Caitlin,
Caitlin was weeping quietly now, oblivious to me. I stood up and moved away from her toward the door, thinking of joining Nurse Carol for tea, coffee or anything else she cared to name. Maybe getting to know the shapely Singaporean girl
The other nurse thought this was funny. "You mean the young one who looks like Matt Damon? I heard he's her boyfriend. If she needs a nurse, it's probably because he isn't there to help her. Have fun, Carol."
She wants me to help her." It came out bitter. Because I couldn't stop her nightmares. The nurse looked like she wanted to ask something else, but I didn't want to explore this any further. I let my eyes wander over her body. When I lifted my eyes to her face,
I gave her a look that plainly said, "Damn, not bad." I hated myself for raising her expectations, knowing was only going to dash them again in moments. She looked flustered, and I took the opportunity to get rid of her.
Her whispered, desperate pleas continued as I pressed the button to bring a nurse. It felt like forever before a nurse arrived.
I might have found her obvious approval gratifying. I know I would have liked what I saw. I would have responded by by verbalising the invitation in her eyes. Maybe I should have. I know I wanted to. Later.