Broken 😠

12 Mar 2024

A narcissists number one tool is neglect. What better way to crush a person’s spirit than to treat them like they don’t matter.

what better way to invalidate a person’s existence than ignoring them, their needs, their wants, their words. What is most important to them. And what means the most to them.

what better way to take a person outside the equation and make them feel invisible.
the sooner who you are becomes less and less important. The more the narcissists becomes more and more important.

this is why it is so difficult to heal from narcissists abuse. Because it’s not just an ending of a bad relationship, it’s the realization that they broke your spirit, they stole what is most important to you, the essence of what you are.

you are a beautiful soul in a human body filled with love. But once broken can not be replaced or amended.

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