Classics? Meh

18 Aug 2022

People read certain kinds of books because they think it’ll make them look cool 
And a lot of people tend to act like you aren’t really a reader if you haven’t read classics. 
And because of this a lot of people tend to shy away from reading. I’m an absolute reader and I’ve read books like “the catcher in the rye” “the tempest” “Macbeth” “to kill a mockingbird” and I’ve also read “harlequin” and “silhouette” series, and new generation novels. They are all good and all serve different purposes. 

I read a book when I was 12 “Mutanda oyom Namondo” it was written in my local dialect so it took two months to complete the book but it was totally worth it and I enjoyed every minute of it. That’s when I realized reading could be so much fun. 

 This isn’t a guideline to reading, read whatever you want, whenever you want. 

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I've read "Arms and the man" more than 100 times. Interesting narrative.