14 May 2023

Folks, I am a smallholder farmer. I am the son of this land. This soil is my mother. After years of toiling in the fields, I grow grain. I am your humble servant. Today I am going to share my thoughts with you. "Our country is agrarian. The law of 'how can we own our land.' Extortion of farmers by moneylenders was stopped and help was offered to farmers through banks. There was a lot of buzz about all these things. But has anyone ever made sure that all these schemes have really reached the common farmers? In it, the capriciousness of nature, sometimes rainfall and sometimes excessive rainfall. "Recently, a new class of wealthy farmers, i.e. wealthy farmers, has emerged from the villages. All benefits are being absorbed by this class. These same people fight under different guises to get government facilities, gain respect and do injustice to poor farmers. So rich farmers are getting richer; But the poor farmer is living a poorer life.

The produce grown by a poor farmer sometimes does not fetch a fair price. Then he borrows to meet his needs and becomes a debtor. Then how to repay the loan? Installments are required. When a farmer suffers from a drought (dushkal grast), the crisis on him becomes greater. Finally, some take the path of suicide, become victims of debt. "Don't even ask the plight of the laborer who has no farm of his own. He is not even paid a living wage. He is exploited like an outcast. Have you ever thought about how these farm laborers live during the rainy season? The countrymen have no idea that the poor farmer, on whose labor the whole nation lives, is starving. There won't be. Government as well as urban citizens need to pay attention to these common farmers and farm workers. We are poor who are true sons of Bhoomiputra. Let us also live with dignity as citizens of independent India. Our only demand is that we common farmers should enjoy a life worthy of the slogan 'Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan'.

Some of your brothers risked their lives to receive me. Remember their sacrifice! Remembering them as 'martyrs' for one day in a year does not end your duty towards them. The unfortunate wife of one of my friends who gave her life to get me is today washing four household dishes and somehow feeding herself and her four children. Why do you know this? Mahatmaji worked hard all his life, for what? Why did the freedom fighters wear out by uprooting our world? Sacrificing all his glory, Panditji endured the hard life of imprisonment, for what? Just for me? As it was a holiday, some of us friends went to a friend's village. We felt very comfortable in that quiet village away from the city. There was a great joy in walking far and wide in the open environment. In one such wandering, a shrine was found in a dense forest. Entered the temple out of curiosity and was heartbroken. Because that temple was broken. Not only the temple had collapsed, but the idol inside was also broken. It was easy to see that it must have been the work of some idolater. All my friends were sad. Whose act should this be? Everyone thought. Then a serious voice called out.
"Listen, youths, I answer your question. Who am I? I am the image of 'Ram', the god you believe in. Many years ago, a devotee installed me here. With great devotion, he brought me here from Rajasthan. Bringing artisans from afar, this beautiful A temple was erected. A dense forest was planted around it. The people of the village worshiped me with devotion. I was in glory when all the congregation was chanting Gunya Govinda. Religion, caste, creed did not come in the way. All people are equal to God, so everyone's God is the same. What a great feeling. "Some outsiders started coming to the village. Many new ideas came to the village with them, The crunches started. A fight started, she Grown and sold. My religion belongs to others Everyone felt superior to religion.

What a bad son my son today. Have you ventured to auction off my freedom? Actually, there will be no kuni in the whole earth who would denigrate our mother like this. Otherwise, how could these wise sons of mine be ready to sell the secrets of our country for a handful of money? How could this son of mine be ready to tear me to pieces because someone provoked him?How can you enslave another who always chants the trinity of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity? You do not give freedom to the woman of the house. Considering someone as your debtor, you make him your slave for generations, even if you consider him a Dalit by birth, you put him in bondage, you put clean birds and fish in cages as your own pleasure. How is this? This is my attitude against you. Mushafirs gathered at my bank, stop here for a moment and listen to my incantations. I have tried to reach you several times but to no avail. After all, I also have limits! "Man, you praise me as the ocean. Though you glorify my glory by calling me Ratnakara, yet I know my shortcomings, man. I cannot quench your thirst when you come to me. You all call me names because my water is salty. But this Do you know why saltiness has entered me? I absorb all the filth, all the salts of the whole world. You fight on the basis of religion, caste, creed, caste, etc.; but I have no such discrimination. I absorb the idols of your Shrigajananas, similarly the coffins of the brothers of Islam are absorbed in me. Become dedicated!

"Sons of men, by all the names you have given me, you are my beloved! That is why I have borne all your troubles till now. A poet among you, in his diagnosis of me, has said, 'This pyodhar is low because it stores water, and pyodhar because it gives water.' His place is high in the sky. But this foolish poet should not know that because there is a pyodhar, there is a pyod. So be it. I want to talk to you today about something different. Man, till now you used to tell the story of the churning of the ocean only with admiration. But today you You have indeed stirred my churning. More precious than the fourteen gems of God story, you have drawn from my heart the fuel needed by this industrial age. I have always admired your intelligence. That is why I bear all the pains of being invaded by machines. I am mystified by your adventure. Some of you have been for years. I have even reached Antarctica hidden in my stomach. "While these glorious events are unfolding, I am expecting some ominous events to come. The territorial disputes over the continent of Antarctica are just beginning. The sight of your armed battleships in the Indian Ocean is disturbing to my heart. Stop it, humans. Don't fight among yourselves. Oh come on." There is immense wealth by the ocean, let all enjoy it."

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