Three things in my life

3 May 2022

Life is a journey, you've only got once to explore and make the full use of it.

As for environment, whether it be the place you are at or the friends you have, it's not something 100% within your control. So I'd like to focus on things which I could take full control of.

After a few years' reflection, these are my top things in life ordered by priority.

This includes both physical health and mental health. It's the root of everything so that I'd never wanna sacrifice for anything else.

Work takes up most of our time. It's both the money and the sense of fulfilment, knowing that you are making an importance to the world, whether it's big or small, that drive me to continue to thrive for better.

The ability to continue to learn new things is the source of happiness to everything. By knowing as much as we can, we only make the road in front of us wider.

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For me its just work 😂
Life is a journey. Your physical and mental health is so important.
Great read! Sacrificing too much for things in our lives can lead to us losing what's most important.
Health is often forgotten, everything you work for can come to an end if you neglect your health. I had health scare a few years ago and it really puts everything into perspective. Since then, I've been trying to focus more on the things that really matter and leading a fulfilling life.
I'm glad you put health as priority #1. Unfortunately it gets neglected by a lot of people.
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