Important things

17 Nov 2022

Years have now passed.
In a split second,
There are sorrowful moments.
and delight have passed.

People I love
have arrived and left,
However, the globe kept turning.
And then we all continued.

Life was challenging,
Additionally, there were battles.
full of moments when it mattered,
I haven't always cared.

I took my place alone,
I kept finding my way,
Throughout some tear-filled evenings,
also the beginning of fresh days.

And now that I'm older,
It's now very evident;
items I once considered crucial
I wasn't here for them.

Additionally, how many?
that I was able to acquire
Never were what created me.
Feel better within.

The concerns and fears, too
That bothered me every day,
At the end of the day,
would simply disappear.

But how far I extended myself
when others require it,
Would be the accurate metric
of how I got results.

How much I shared, too
Of my heart and soul
would eventually be
what made me unique.

What's actually crucial is,
What do you think of me?
Furthermore, if
I'm as good as I can be.

How much more kindness is there?
And can I demonstrate my affection?.
Before I hear from the Lord
I have to leave now.

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'how much more kindness is there?' Very valid question
Every now and then we need to look back at life, how far we have come, the important people we met along the way, and also the important things in life. And also learn to appreciate them
Important things in life