The conclusion of a chapter

23 Sept 2023

This deep thought occurred to me when I was withdrawing my "excess" funds from Binance. 
I never had much of my portfolio on CEX. I send earnings from platforms like Freecash, Cointiply or CoinPayU. And of course a regular monthly fiat amount into my investment strategy. And to lose any of that is simply unacceptable. Only the essentials remain. The earnings for betting on CEX are not worth the risk.
I'm like many of you, I have parental responsibilities and I'm pretty busy with work... These are the main reasons I trade on Binance DCA. Honestly - I don't think this is always the best strategy. But it is definitely one of the most convenient and time-saving. And buy Dip? A very tough discipline, don't you think?
Binance didn't become an industry leader by accident. It offered such a wide range of investment products and strategies that, in my view, few could compete with it. However, the regulatory authorities are systematically disrupting this dominance, and it can be assumed that the pressure will not stop in the near future...
And that brings me to some not-so-original questions…
Where to go if Binance collapses under the weight of (true or false) allegations?
What is the future of CEX? And do I even need them?
I'm afraid I'll find out soon enough.
Of course, this is not financial advice. These are just my personal opinions.
Until then shop cheap and stay safe... See you soon!!!
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Greetings, thanks for sharing. 🖐
i like binance and used them but not your keys not your coins ;D
Very interesting article, thanks
Too bad for Binance
Great article, very interesting, thank you.
Have your funds on a hardware is always the safest solution.