Ubisoft’s ‘Champions Tactics’: Free NFTs

17 Nov 2023

Ubisoft, the acclaimed mastermind behind Assassin’s Creed, boldly embraces the blockchain universe with an announcement that’s stirring the gaming realm. The revelation via Twitter heralds Ubisoft’s plunge into the blockchain world, unveiling plans for free Ethereum NFTs (non-fungible tokens) tied to its impending game, Champions Tactics.

The strategic maneuver reveals Ubisoft’s persistent commitment to embedding blockchain tech within gaming landscapes. The game giant’s blueprint involves releasing a series of profile picture NFTs (PFPs) associated with Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles. Users eager to snag these NFTs will only incur Ethereum network gas fees during the minting process.

Crafted to echo the vintage pixelated hero aesthetics, the Warlords PFPs transcend mere nostalgia. These NFTs, as per Ubisoft’s official website, bestow holders with exclusive early access to mint in-game Champions figurines, all available free of charge.

The rollout strategy outlines 9,999 Warlords NFTs, with 8,000 earmarked for general minting, 1,000 reserved for the Oasys community, and the remaining 999 held by Ubisoft for future marketing endeavors and giveaways.

Ubisoft’s marketing prowess extends to social media, notably Twitter, actively engaging users in the thrilling announcement. By engaging—liking, retweeting, and commenting—participants secure a place on the minting ‘allowlist.’ From this pool, Ubisoft intends to randomly select 50 eligible users, offering them exclusive access to a dedicated private Discord server tailored for game enthusiasts.

Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, initially introduced in June, gradually unveils its captivating essence. Ubisoft’s recent revelations hint at an online strategy game where players navigate battles employing fantasy characters reminiscent of tabletop figurines. The promise of ‘thousands of unique, powerful Champions’ fuels anticipation.

With a blend suggesting trading card elements, Ubisoft teases an intricately layered strategic gaming experience. Set for an early 2024 PC launch, Champions Tactics heralds a pivotal juncture in the GameFi domain. Ubisoft’s leap into blockchain not only expands its frontiers but also charts a new course for gaming. As excitement mounts, both gamers and crypto enthusiasts eagerly await the unfolding of this venture in the dynamic realm of blockchain gaming.

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nice article
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Free NFTs are always cool, and if they're from Ubisoft, even better! :D
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Free NFTs is a good way to get users fast