I Solved The Teasoning Questionsđź“ť

7 Oct 2022

Hello my dear friends,
I am going to take part in competative exams. Competative exams are very interested, in that there are lot of questions that test our thinking abilities. I loved exams like that.

In this competative exams there will be one reasoning part, in othe words we can tell budhimattaa in our Marathi language. This is my one of the best part in this competative exams. I am now preparing for such exams so, i recently solved the tricky questions. During solve this questions i realised that questions are very intresting and when you are going to solve such questions that checks our thinking abilities and our brain power. How much we think and what direction we think. This is very great.

After solving some questions i think, i will share some interesting questions with you.

Please try to solve and answer in the comment section.

Question no.1:

Question no.2:

Question no.3:

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