Splinterlands | Divine Shield, Earthquake and Health Equalizer Rule in Play | Did I Win?

15 Apr 2024

Splinterlands | Concoction of Rules!

Every now and then, we encounter an exciting battle that gets our attention. Here is one such battle that came up in the Gold League and for once I went against a human rather than a bot. Nothing against bots as they still allow game-making but they sometimes seem a bit dumb. So, a human opponent is always welcome.

This battle was particularly exciting because it had the Divine Shield, Earthquake, and Health Equalizer rule in play. All three together and to add to that the battle was a high mana one, allowing us to take our hard-hitters. So, how did that go?

Let’s see it in person. But before that, shall we spend a minute getting to know Splinterlands? After all, that’s where you will find all these fun battles, rules, and monsters.

What Game is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a digital card game that allows you to collect, trade, battle, rent, and even earn from the cards. ***The game gives Play to Earn a whole different meaning.*** By now, you would know that the governance token (SPS) airdrop made millionaires out of the early adopters. It still keeps giving and remains a fun and engaging game.

To give you an idea of how lucky you can get in Splinterlands, read my story of getting cards worth $500 from buying only a few packs worth $20.

Got Cards Worth $500 from $20 Packs

And this is just a tiny number. I have witnessed people getting uber-expensive cards in their pack and selling them for as high as $6500. In fact, there is a whole Splinterlands marketplace on the Hive blockchain and now on Wax too. And now the sales of the Rebellion packs, the newest of the lot, have also started.

Any reason not to try it out? To join, scroll down quickly. 😊

Divine Shield, Earthquake, and Health Equalizer | What Are These Rules?

A hardcore Splinterlands player would already know what all the rules mean, but let’s call it out for newbies and novices. The following are the rules:

Divine Shield: In this rule, every monster on either side is given one shield at the beginning of the battle. So, the first attack is always non-consequential.

Earthquake: In this rule, every monster that is not flying takes a hit in its health at the start of each round.

Health – Equalizer: Under this rule, the highest health of any monster in either team is taken as the base and all monsters' health is made equal to it. So, every monster on both sides starts with the highest health.

As I mentioned before it was also a high-mana battle, so at least one high-health monster could be expected to be in battle. And that means, all monsters have the same high health.

The Battle | Frowns and Angry Brows

A quick look at the rule, and let’s get on with the battle.

We have been discussing the rules so far, so nothing new to add. Of course, it is a 57-mana battle and only the Earth Splinter is not allowed in battle. If it was allowed, everyone would have gone with Quora Towershead. 😉

The Face-Off Screen

Here is what the battlefield looked like. 😊

My team is at the bottom of the screen and the opponent is at the top. I had taken a summoner that gives flying ability to all monsters, and therefore, negates the Earthquake rule. The opponent, on the other hand, has chosen a summoner that gives a shield to all monsters. So, once the Divine Shield wears off, the shield will still be there for a round to handle the Earthquake. That was all about handling one rule.

But the battle still had to be played to know if we selected well or not. Both of us went for the Life Splinter, albeit, I selected the Dragon Splinter along with it.

Let’s see how the battle pans out.

We Battle Hard

Close to the end of round three, it seemed my team got it going better.

My team had taken down the opponent’s taunt monster in the fifth position and its tank in the first position. My team lost its tank too. However, the Earthquake rule was having no effect on any of my monsters because of my summoner.

The opponent’s lineup also was quite good and only the monster at the back was taking a hit and was still getting its shield repaired every round. So, technically, those monsters were also neutralizing the Earthquake rule.

And The Battle Races to Conclusion

Round seven and it was game over for the opponent.

It was a fun battle and even more exciting because the opponent was good too. I loved it and somehow prevailed despite the rule in play.

GG. I won!

A Hard-Fought Battle | An Interesting Result

When such high-stakes rules and monsters come into a battle it is very exciting to see how things unwrap. In this case, I was lucky to come on top and I do look forward to many more such battles.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the same. Do take a look at the battle live in the link provided below. Enjoy!


Want to Join Splinterlands?

You can click below and follow the link. All the best!


Want to Watch the Battle I Spoke About?

Here it is:



**Image Courtesy:** Splinterlands Resources

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