Who is Gorr appearing in next Thor Movie

2 Jun 2022

This blog is written from studying comic books of Marvel and watching video on YouTube about this character origin

Gorr is the most toughest and hardest enemy of the superhero Thor. But why he is against him , let's discuss about this.
First of all, let's talk about Gorr origin ,Gorr used to live in a poorest planet full of misery , problem like earthquake , landslide and starving. But people of this planet have a great faith in God and believed that one day their lifestyle will be easier and happily. Gorr lost his parents , wife and children because of hunger and other reason occuring in the planet and tells people that God actually don't care about them. So people tells him to leave the planet and go anywhere . Gorr followed the path out of community. When he cross a big mountains ,then suddenly two God who were fighting fells infront of him who was restless tired and exhausted. The Gods were fighting and one God asked him to help then Gorr is surprisingly take the sword named 'Necrosword' of  knal God of symbiotic and killed next yellowed God. Then he takes oath to kill all Gods. He used that sword to kill other Gods and start taking their power to make him more strong.He did for almost centuries.
One day he fights with Thor and after long war ,Gorr decide not kill him but instead to tore him aprt eith all types of emotional and physical torture and kill him in the last. In this way ,Gorr become enemy with Thor due to his dislike of But three Thor killed him  from different timeline . One was old King Thor , another was Avengers timed Thor and one was Young Thor who was torture by Gorr himself. 
This character is confirmed in Thor 4 and will be played by very talented actor Christine Bale

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Is Gorr just another version of Thor? Should Thor be spelt as Thorr?
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