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25 Sept 2022

Walking at least 10 minutes a day can increase your life. Let's know how to change your walking style.

Walking is a physical exercise that works to improve your health and overall health. Waking up in the morning and walking daily with light steps is one of the many benefits of reducing body fat, improving heart health, increasing energy levels, reducing stress levels and improving immunity. It also improves balance and coordination. It has been revealed in a research that you can get more benefit from the way of walking. Let's know how to change your walking style.

If you are finding these benefits too low, then researchers at the University of Leicester have told in a study that walking at least 10 minutes a day can increase your life. By increasing your walking speed, you can increase your lifespan by 20 years compared to slow walkers. Keeping the benefits of this fun in mind, you can put on shoes the next morning and take the benefits of your walk by adopting these smart methods.

1-Walk more than once a day:

If you are going for a walk then it is good but walking twice a day can prove to be even better. Increasing the number of walks you take in a day helps you scale up your daily activities as well as increase the step count. It not only saves you from getting tired by walking in one go but also increases your strength. You can take the time between lunch and dinner to walk up to twice a day. This becomes even more beneficial when you walk after a meal, which also helps control your blood sugar levels.

2-Carry light weight:

If you do not find this challenging task, then it can prove beneficial for you. For many people, there is no other job as easy as walking. So if you like to walk then you can choose the bigger field. Along with this, you can also do some challenging tasks. You can turn your simple walk into a power walk, in which you only need to walk with a light weight in your hands. This will encourage your body to work harder and you will be able to burn more calories. Take care not to lift too much weight as it can also cause neck and shoulder injuries.

3-Walking Speed ​​Options:

There is no other classic physical activity like walking. Talking about changing it, you can also make it intense by increasing the speed. This power walk challenges your body and works to increase your heart rate. It helps you burn more calories with its help. If you are not comfortable with your walk speed, just try to walk 20 seconds faster at your normal speed walk.


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