Why is a piece of wire called a Safety Pin?

9 Aug 2022

The safety pin was invented by Walter Hunt in 1849. Walter Hunt was known for inventing such small things.

Safety pin :  

  • Safety pin, this thing made of a small wire is of great use. From handling the pallu of a sari to saving our dignity in case of an emergency, we do not know how many things we have been using this pin for. But do you know about the history of the safety pin? What is the story behind its name, do you know why and how it was invented? If not, we'll let you know about it.
  • Actually it is said that in 1849 Walter Hunt invented the safety pin. Let us tell you that Walter Hunt was known for the invention of such small things. It is said that he had a lot of debt on the people, to repay which he kept inventing new things.
  • Safety pins are also included in these inventions. After the safety pin was made, Walter realized that this thing could prove to be very useful. After that he patented it and then sold it. At that time, he got $ 400 for doing this.

How did the safety pin get its name?

It is said that after this invention of Hunt, this pin was used instead of wire. In addition to saving people's time due to the pin, the injury to the fingers due to wire was also reduced significantly, which is why it came to be called a safety pin. Let us tell you that its important work is only as a dress pin used in clothes. Women use safety pins for everything from saris to salwar kameez. It is called a safety pin just to protect it from injury.

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'Safety' is attached to the name of the safety pin, but people use it in many ways apart from protecting it. From cleaning ears and teeth, people use it in clothes or as buttons.
Mother always says that never underestimate anything in life. Even the smallest things become priceless when the time comes. Once the belt of my shoes broke, then it saved our shame. And you wrote about this in good way so Thank you.
One time i got hurt by safety pin so you need to be careful while using it
A small wire safety pin is of great importance in women's makeup. Because safety pins are used to handle the pallu of the saree, to handle the clothes. Even safety pins are used to cover their dignity from torn clothes.