Investment Mindset: Growth vs Fixed Mindset

11 Nov 2023

When it comes to mindset in investment, what will you think about? Do you believe that your strategies no need to be changed and does work all the time, so you think it's not necessary to learn new things, not necessary to change your knowledge structure, not necessary to break out your current situation? As the time is going on, everyting is changing, so is the knowledge. In this article, I will explain what's the difference between growth mindset and fixed mindset.

What's Growth Mindset?

Growth mindset is describing a person's optimistic attitude on things, a combination of attitude and beliefs. A person with a growth mindset could keep pace with the times, and regard himself as a lifelong learner, maintain curiosity about the new things. For instance, if a man wants to be successful, he could find inspiration in other's success, rather than complain the external circumstances or others. Eventhough he will feel frustrated when he is faced with some issues, he just perseveres. Then we call this man is with a growth mindset.

What's Fixed Mindset?

On the contrary, fixed mindset is describin a person's pessimistic attitude on things. A person with a fixed mindset could easily give up, he only focus on immediate interests, and no considering the long term picture, so their judgment often fails the test of time. For example, a man says, "Either I'm good at something or I'm not", which means this guy doesn't realize that everything is changing, so is the time.

What will you choose?

When you've read above, it's obviously choose fixed mindset to do investment. As we all know, no one can deny the fact that none of strategies can do work forever. So when you hear someone says "Candlesticks theory is not useful in practice cases", he could be a person who is with a fixed mindset. Because he only remembers the theoretical knowledge and does not know that practical applications need to change with time and market situations. The reason why theoretical knowledge can become a classic is that it can summarize the common points of many cases. Therefore, when you do investment, please try to maintain a peaceful mind, an open mind, and a learning attitude, so that you can much more easier make profitable.

What's your mindset type? Do you think growth mindset is helpful for our investment? Welcome to your comments, post what you think, please.

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An interesting perspective but when investing a balanced perspective is needed. There are times for a fixed mindset but also speculate with the possibly of growth. This can change based on your own specific circumstances too
не плохая статья.
Understanding the dynamics between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset is key to navigating the investment landscape. Embracing growth opens doors to new opportunities, fostering resilience in the face of challenges.
Nice article, very interesting. Thank you
Great article thank you