22 Jul 2022

While some people engage in sports, watch movies, take walks, listen to music, or hang out with friends during their leisure time. I find solace in reading books. I enjoy reading books from genres ranging from mystery, romance, self-help, motivation, and adventure to fantasy. Books for me are a form of escape from the real world. When I read books, I feel like a traveler moving through different worlds and experiencing different things. Not only am I a traveler, but I also have the opportunity to open my mind to a lot of ideas from the writer and see the world from different viewpoints.

Books are not only for the purpose of having fun, but we can also learn a lot about the world from reading books. Books, even though fiction is like small parts of history written down. When you read a book written by an African author, you get to learn about what the culture of the writer is like, the same goes for a writer who is British or American. You experience culture and learn about the lives of the persons from the eyes of the writer.


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Keep warm and read, you book worm
Forming a habit of reading is really good. So much knowledge is hidden in the pages of a book
book is your best friend
It is said that readers are leaders. Reading exposes our minds to a whole lot of opportunities. By reading we are able to learn about things that cover every area of life and things beyond
Books are very important to improve ones vocabulary and learning skills