Top 8 most famous architectural works in Shanghai #3

18 May 2024

In addition to food and shopping, Shanghai is also a leading developed city in China, featuring many impressive architectural styles. From the super-tall skyscrapers of the Lujiazui financial district, to the European-designed buildings of the Art Deco Bund, Shanghai's architecture is as diverse as the city itself. Traveling to Shanghai will bring you many surprises about this place. Shanghai is not only a city with an outstanding economy over the past centuries, but also home to many famous historical sites. Especially worth mentioning are the massive architectural works. Let's explore the most famous architectural works in Shanghai through the article below.

6. Nam Pho Bridge

Nam Pho Bridge was built on December 15, 1988, completed on September 1, 1991 with a total length of 8,346m and 46m high. Nanpu is the fourth longest cable-stayed bridge in the world and the first in Shanghai, with a total construction cost of more than 800 million Yuan. The Nanpu Bridge across the Huangpu River was once written in Deng Xiaoping's handbook as "Nanpu at the Crane". Built from 1991 to 1994, this bridge connects the old Eastern Quarter and the modern Western Quarter, which before 1990 was still basically a rural area. The interesting thing about Nam Pho is that the person who came up with the idea for this unique spiral bridge came from a 9-year-old boy named Duong Minh.

Among the tens of thousands of bridge design diagrams sent to the city's leadership, Duong Minh's drawing convinced both the government and the architect to build a circular bridge with many floors from low to high. This plan is very effective both economically and in the planning context, and at the same time has a high aesthetic element, suitable for the picture of a modern city. Because of this initiative, Duong Minh was given a luxury apartment by the government in downtown Shanghai.

The bridge is divided into 6 lanes with a total width of 30.35m. Traffic flow per day ranges from 4.5 to 5 million vehicles. The average speed on the bridge is only 40km/h. On both sides of the bridge there are 2m wide sidewalks for pedestrians to visit. Visitors can also take the elevator to the main bridge and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Huangpu River. One of the most attractive features of Nam Pho is the use of a spiral circle design to reduce the slope of the roads leading to the bridge without taking up much space on the ground. The road leading to Pho Tay is considered a "wonder" in the world's bridge construction industry. Before the bridge was built in 1991, people could only use ferries to travel between Pho Tay and Pho Dong.

When standing on Nam Pho, visitors can also feel the breath of Shanghai city at night, brilliant and shimmering with modern colors. Visitors will feel the constant movement of a young city full of vitality. In the evening, lanterns are lit, carts sell fragrant kumquat candy, and pots of steaming hot dumplings make everyone crave food. Walking on Nam Pho Bridge, visitors feel like they are lost in the world of ancient Chinese historical dramas during festivals, which will certainly create unforgettable impressions in the hearts of visitors.

7.Shanghai harbour

It is no coincidence that Shanghai is considered one of the most prominent cities in China. Possessing a charm that transcends the limits of time and space, Shanghai is a "banquet" of architecture, art and culture for visitors from far and wide. From panoramic views of the bustling city from skyscrapers to leisurely strolls around the old quarters, visitors are sure to have the most satisfying experience here..

The Bund is the first famous attraction when traveling to Shanghai that you must not miss. Any tourist wants to see this landmark once when coming to Shanghai. This place is often chosen as a filming location for many famous movies such as The Bund. And also contains the historical ups and downs of Shanghai. Located on the Huangpu River, Shanghai Wharf was once a bustling trading place. Therefore, there are many financial and commercial centers built since 1930 with outstanding and attractive European architecture.

The Bund - a symbol that has appeared many times in movies and literature - is the first place you must check-in. This area along the Huangpu River gives you a close-up view of old Shanghai, with many outstanding architectural works such as the Broadway Building, Jardine Matheson,... Coming to the Bund in the morning, you will be able to see Colorful boats and ferries gently glide on the water waves and blend into the quiet space of colonial-era buildings. If you have free time, stop by Nanjing Street to buy paper fans or handicrafts as gifts.

Shanghai is probably most beautiful at night. Hundreds of thousands of colorful light bulbs compete to light up the city, forming an extremely impressive "miniature artificial aurora". Shanghai at this time looks both modern and poetic, promising to bring priceless experiences to visitors.

8.Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Shanghai is famous for its skyscrapers, the poetic Huangpu River, the magnificent Shanghai Wharf,... Among them, we cannot ignore the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, known as the pearl of Shanghai. Sea. When coming to China, especially Shanghai, remember to visit the Oriental Pearl TV Tower to admire the beauty of this tower with your own eyes!

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is located at the tip of the Liujiashui peninsula, in Pudong district, next to the Huangpu River and is considered one of the tallest towers in the world. In 1991, Mr. Jia Huan Cheng of Shanghai Modern Architectural Design Co. Ltd. began designing and constructing the Minh Chau Phuong Dong TV tower, the project was officially completed in 1995. Minh Chau Phuong Dong TV tower is not simply a TV tower, it is also a bustling complex. The bustling museum, shopping malls, and revolving restaurants are great sightseeing spots in Shanghai.

Each tower when built has its own unique and attractive architectural features. Minh Chau Phuong Dong TV Tower is a harmonious combination of futuristic and aesthetic styles. The tower has a respectable height of 468m, ranked 3rd in the world. Since its construction, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower has become one of the places that attracts many tourists in Shanghai in particular and China in general. The design of the tower has a total of 11 spheres of different sizes. Minh Chau tower is likened to a string of pearls in a large jade dish. Because of this design, the tower is called Minh Chau. The two largest spheres along the length of the tower have a lower diameter of 50m and an upper diameter of 45m. These two spheres are connected by 3 pillars, one with a diameter of 9m. The tallest sphere has a diameter of 14 m. The entire structure is supported by 3 columns planted in the ground.

Especially when coming here at night, visitors will be immersed in the enchanting beauty of the Oriental Pearl TV tower with sparkling lights radiating from large spheres that look like a block of diamonds. Giant or large flashlights are projected from the bottom of the tower. On the ground or from afar, the Oriental Pearl TV tower stands out in a corner of Shanghai's sky, reflecting on the poetic and sparkling Huangpu River.

If you have the opportunity to come to Shanghai, you must spend some time to explore these famous places. Hope this article has provided interesting information.

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